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How to support Save Socialize Shelter

    We pride ourselves to be a self-sustaining shelter. Since its conception, we manage basic needs and utilities like water, electricity, heat (the kittens need to keep warm!), the ever growing vet bills, supplies like litters and food. Rarely would we appeal for donation other than when the kittens get adopted. But recently, in 2015, we are having a little hard time in keeping the shelter, and would like to appeal to kindred spirits to save these kittens from unjustly deaths.

Shop through Amazon Smile and support our charity

Like millions of Americans I'm sure some of you folks are a fan of shopping on Amazon for its low prices and free shipping. Here's your chance to help us simply by shopping! Instead of going to the regular Amazon website, sign on to, and pick Save Socialize Shelter as the charity you would like Amazon to donate to. If you are not familiar with Amazon Smile, the link below will take you to About Amazon Smile.


We are a PayPal confirmed charity

Means that you can donate to us directly via PayPal's secure page here. This same page will also appear if you go to our eBay Nonprofit Profile Page and click on the 'Donate Now' button on the lower right hand side.


We are registered with eBay Giving Works

To some, buying and selling on eBay can be fun, double the fun by selecting our shelter as your supporting cause when you are selling your items. You can choose any amount from 10% to 100%, that eBay will donate to us when you sold your items.

To start listing please visit our eBay Nonprofit Profile Page.

We are enrolled in Drs Foster and Smith Business Partner Program for non-profit organization

If you own pets I'm sure you heard of or been on Drs Foster and Smith website. With it's everyday low prices and full service pet pharmacy, not to mention store full of cool stuff for kitties, library of pet care articles, among other fun things to explore on the site. (No, we are not paid, given discounts or special treatments for endorsing Foster and Smith's swesomeness. The only benefits we get are for being part of the Business Partner Program.) Help us by giving us Gift Certificates from Drs Foster and Smith! Any amount is appreciated! Click here to directly purchase the gift certificates.


Donating food, litters and other supplies
We accept donations of cat food (wet and dry), treats and cat litters. But if we were asked for priority, it would be the canned cat foods, as we go through this pretty fast even though just for breakfast. But please be mindful of the cats and caretakers health (that very few us), meaning no expired food, cat food that contains:

  • Corn and wheat gluten

  • Grain meals and by-products

  • Rendered fat


Litters that could be hazardous to both cats and caretakers health.

Due to space and health reasons, we cannot accept used cat toys or furniture.

We do accept used carriers in good condition.

You can send the donations directly, or shipped from stores you pruchased food and litter from like Amazon Smile,, etc.


We are Gofundme certified charity
Help us raise money by fundraising for our shelter on Gofundme, or donate to our Gofundme campaigns!

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