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How Save Socialize Shelter came to be

    When I was a child, I used to care for my mother's cats and kittens. I also had dogs growing up, and had special bonds with them. Overall they taught me of connections people can have with their pets; friend for all weather when the going gets tough, entertainment that your phone apps can't replace, a wonder of nature right in your home. 

We have become a society that can decide another genus's fate,

    which should live and which should die. Every year, a lot of kittens were put down not only because they were sick, but simply because there are no space and place for them, no manpower and the financial to aid their survival. Once the shelters are full, especially during kitten season which starts in spring, peaking in late spring / early summer, and winds down in fall. Shelters have no choice but to euthanized even healthy kittens, full of life and bounding with joy, never even get to taste affection or a warm loving lap. And some of us think, that's okay, because they're just animals. And that is scary.

    Think about it. It is not the same with poultry and livestock that are raised to feed our race. It's not as gruesome as illegal hunting either. These felines are being humanely destroyed not because they have no chance to live (like terminally sick felines) but simply not given the chance to live. They are unwanted, and we, who fight for our freedom to do as we please daily, gives ourselves the right to take their freedom, will, and choice to live.

And this is where we come in.

    Saving kittens and cats with very young litters, Save Socialize Shelter make room for those due to be euthanized by providing them a safe, free roam environment in our private home, where they have plenty of interactions, playtime and affection.


    All efforts are to ensure adoptable healthy and happy kittens and cats. we manage basic needs and utilities like water, electricity, heat (the kittens need to keep warm!), the ever growing vet bills, supplies like litters and food with fundings from our own pockets. Rarely would we appeal for donation other than when the kittens get adopted. While we try our best to self-sustain, we always need some help.


    Join our cause, even if you cannot adopt kitten, everything helps, even by sharing with those who can :) Follow or add us on your social media network through the icons at the bottom right page.

Find out how you can help us save them today.

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